Sunday, June 1, 2008

Missing Trucks...

Not to worry! The trucks were supplied at the time we dropped of the cake-- we just didn't have a camera. Just picture an excavator working at the hole, a paver smoothing the road, and a bulldozer moving that pile! The cupcakes were to supplement the cake, because of all those hungry kids (and parents)!

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R-R-R said...

I never did get to thank you for the amazing cake and cupcakes. When we brought out the cake for River (with the trucks!), he lit up like a, well, like work lights on an excavator! Then he promptly grabbed all three trucks from the cake and leaned in for a giant bite from a cupcake. It was truly a joyful thing to see him so very happy. I was teary; I live for those moments as a mom.

Words are not enough to thank you!