Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Strange Combinations

Every so often, we find ourselves making a cake that combines two themes that you'd never imagine could go together (see below for our penguin on American Idol). This cake is for two different people-- with two different hobbies. Luckily they didn't want two different flavors of cake! We made a chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting, using white and milk chocolate for the piano keys and marzipan for the garden veggies...

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donamyte said...

Dear cake makers,
We are the very lucky recipients of this fantastic cake creation. My husband says the caulflower was particularly good (he's the gardener who was having a birthday). The birthday pianist was equally intrigued - she wanted the f-sharp.

We had the worst time trying to imange even cutting the cake! Finally we decided to try the piano bench and gradually we proceeded to the vegetables (such delicious marzipan) and the piano keys. I actually like the stepping stones, such delicious crunchy chocolate.

Karen was so proud of your work - it was the climax to a wonderful birthday party. We thank you so very much for your creative efforts, light years beyond any birthday cake w e could possibly have imnagined.

Happy Holidays and congratulations on your extraordinary enterprise!

Donna Lerew and Kim Shiner